About Me:

My name is Nick Hartmann, a Dutch Game, Technology and Producing Graduate born in March of 1996.
I am co-founder of Byte Anvil Games. I have been actively programming since 2013.
I have used the following programs to make games:

      – Flash
           -Programming with action script
      – Unity
           – Programming  with C#
           – Programming and game designing for an Oculus Rift DK2
           – Programming for Xbox controller and kinect
           – Programming for Xsens suit
           – Programming for HTC VIVE
       – Micro Game Engine
           – Programming with C++
      – Seth Engine (made by a fellow student)
           – Programming with C++
I am a Graduat at Saxion University of Applied Science following the course Game Technology and Producing since July 2017.
The course Game Technology and Producing, from September 2015 and onward the course will be called Game Engineering, is the programming study of the gaming specialization in Saxion. The Gaming specialization exists within two studies, one for programming and one for art, which work closely together.  Within my specialization the students learn how to program games. Following courses like C# in unity, Game AI, Networking and Game design we are taught how to program and design games.
At the start of every quartile, both courses have a project to make a game. Anything from a simple game in flash to a game in Unity for the Oculus Rift.
I am currently working at the Atos AIR Team, where I work as a developer for the AIR Platform on the HoloLens.
Telephone: +316-55966492

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