Catfight! is a game made for the Global Game Jam of 2016 that had the theme “Ritual”. It was made within



A game about cats and their differences. Good and bad things are raining down from the sky and have to be used to build up your own cat pole or destroy the other. The game is played with 2 players. 2 (xbox)controllers are required. kick the bombs against the enemy and/or collect your gifts to claim victory.


  • Robin Kuiper – Programmer
  • Rutger de Vries – Programmer
  • Jerry Veldman – Programmer
  • Peter Vrieling – 3D Artist
  • Curt Croeze – Sound Desinger
  • Nick Hartmann – Technical Artist/Support Programmer

Within the project Catfight! I was mostly in charge of animating the object in the game. This was due to our team having multiple programmers but only one artist. I also implemented these animations in the game and fixed some of the bugs.

If you want to try this game follow the link to the official global game jam site here