Raven Rock Trial




Download Ravenrock trail here.

Raven Rock Trials:
This is a Game made by The project group Magma Pool for the Project Virtual world. A school Project from the First Year.

The Game:
The Game “Raven Rock Trials” is a story based game, where you will need to go through a trail and make decision which will influence the story.




Project Virtual world:
The end project of the first year of study. Assignment was to make a game made in unity.
The game had to be made within 8 weeks while following the normal courses, everything had to be made by ourselves.
The project was graded a 7 by the teachers.

My Contribution to the project:
I planned for the technicals of our group and I also made the part of code that after we read the xml it looks at the information and does what the information tells it to.



Magma Pool:
The project group consisted of 6 people:
Wouter de Vries (Team Leader)
Robin Kuiper
Viktor Zamba
Nick Hartmann (Technical Leader)
Dick van Kempen (Creative Leader)
Julian Hoffmann

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