Click the names or pictures to go the the site or download it by clicking on the link.

Unity Demo:

A small demo I made for an assignment showing the skills I had when I first tried unity and c#. Making a moving scene on the music.

Download here

Out There…

A game made for the Global Game Jam of 2014. The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”.  We reflected that by sending the player on a journey.


Download here

Ravenrock Trial

A story based game made for a group project in unity. In this game the choices you make affect the rooms you will encounter and ultimately the story you get in the end.


Download Here.

Project Titan:

A space shooter made for group project in unity for the Oculus  Rift 2. Where you will have to safe the world from an incoming attack.

Download Here.

Project Last Person:

A C++ puzzle adventure game. You are alone in the world what will you do?

Download Here.

Chef Magnetron:

An educational game made for the Dutch museum “Het Heim”.  It is a Dutch game to teach children about microwaves (the wavelength).

Download Here.


A game about cats and their differences. Good and bad things are raining down from the sky and have to be used to build up your own cat pole or destroy the other. The game is played with 2 players. 2 (xbox) controllers are required. kick the bombs against the enemy and/or collect your gifts to claim victory.


Download here

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