Project Titan


To Download Project Titan click here.

Project Titan:
This is a Game made by The project group Magma Pool for the Project Indie Game. A school Project from the Second Year.

Magma Pool:
The project group consisted of of 7 people:
Wouter de Vries (Team Leader)
Robin Kuiper
Viktor Zamba
Nick Hartmann (Technical Leader)
Dick van Kempen
Alex Terziev (Creative Leader)
Samantha Peperkamp

Project Indie Game:
The Second project of the second year of study. Assignment was to make a game made in unity.
The game had to be made within 3 weeks, everything had to be made by ourselves and it had to contain either an RTS or RPG element.

My Contribution to the project:
I planned for the technicals of our group and I also made the shooting mechanics from both the ai and the player as well as the upgrade system for the player.

The Game:
The Game “Project Titan” is an oculus rift space shooter controlled by a controller. As for now there are not keyboard controls available, playing without the oculus rift dk2 is possible however it will take the charm away as well as it will stay in oculus mod, which means you will see in 2 screens. It has not been tested if it works with the dk1 however it would be highly unlikely.
We plan to expand this project.

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