Out There


Out there is a Global Game jam game made in 2014. On this project the following people were working on it:

  • Wouter de Vries
  • Rune de Groot
  • Curt Croeze
  • Diana Lucuta
  • Michel Nijland
  • Vicktor Zámba
  • Willem Slaghekke
  • Me

he theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”.  The game was made in flash and suppose the represent a person slowly remembering thing after losing every memory. Where there are small puzzles that force you to replay certain parts multiple times to finish it.

It was made over the coarse of 48 hours at that time 6 first years programmers and it won the 2nd price in the friendly competition of that site and 5th place on friendly national competition.

Download the project from this GGJ site.